ID Category Task Type Severity Summary Status
130 Core Task Normal Use tab-size independent indentation? New
129 Core Bug Report Normal Relative scrollbar handle size is not updated on resize New
128 Core Feature Request Normal Add "magnifying glass" function New
116 Core Feature Request Normal Add isometric and perspective views In Progress
115 Core Task Normal Show miniature view of current drawing in navigator New
114 Schematic module Task Normal Add full support for gEDA files New
113 Core Task Normal Allow embedding pictures New
112 Core Feature Request Normal Allow sorting files by size, mtime, … New
111 Core Feature Request Normal Allow creating, moving, renaming, deleting files and di... New
110 Core Feature Request Normal Allow searching the library New
109 Core Task Normal Detect and deal with files modified while editing New
108 Core Task Normal Load files asynchronously, especially from the library New
106 Core Feature Request Normal Add git integration New
105 Core Feature Request Normal Implement autosave New
104 Core Task Normal Implement improved object storage In Progress
102 Core Task Normal Add Python support New
101 Core Task Normal Replace functions with their thread-safe equivalent New
100 Core Bug Report Normal Content above/below the visible area is shown as 1-pixe... New
99 Toolkit Task Normal Let user resize window by dragging MainWidget plasma New
98 Toolkit Task Normal Paint plasma only where it is visible New
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