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ID Project Category Task Type Severity Summary Status
205 Xorn Netlist Task Normal Warn when listing subschematic on command line New
204 Xorn Python extension Task Normal Remove string message with PyExc_KeyError? New
203 Xorn Python extension Task Normal Validate object data immediately when setting fields? New
202 Xorn Python extension Task Normal Test exceptions raised by the storage extension New
201 Xorn Main Feature Request Normal Create a more aesthetically pleasing Doxygen stylesheet New
200 Xorn Storage Task Normal Add function for rotating/mirroring objects? New
199 Xorn Storage Task Normal Represent enums as unsigned int? New
198 Xi Core Task Normal Show useful error message if ‘gtk-file-chooser’ executa... New
197 Xorn Main Bug Report Normal Paths in embedded symbols aren't translated back New
196 Xorn Main Task Normal Allow embedding source schematics New
195 Xorn Main Task Normal Warn if non-authoritative symbol differs from library New
194 Xorn Python extension Task Normal Implement number formatting/parsing functions as C exte... New
193 Xorn Netlist Task Normal Think of another way to handle should-fail tests rather... New
192 Xorn Main Task Normal Implement basic font file support New
191 Xorn Netlist Task Normal Remove package-less nets from netlist? New
190 Xorn Main Task Normal Open all files in binary mode? New
189 Xorn Main Task Normal Add examples New
188 Xorn Netlist Task Normal Don't print a warning for redundant netname= attributes New
187 Xorn Main Task Normal Move component/package refdes assignment into ctor to g... New
186 Xorn Main Task Normal Allow unicode objects to be passed to xorn.guile functi... New
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